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Consultation Goals

The Consultation will explore the biblical, theological, and experiential grounding for an authentic Christian witness in current discussions of U.S. foreign assistance policies.  It will:

  • Incorporate voices from the global South and diverse voices from within the U.S. church in developing an integrated Evangelical perspective on U.S. foreign assistance.
  • Explore the intersection between U.S. foreign assistance and God's mission in the world, resulting in a set of affirmations to undergird and guide engagement on policy issues.
  • Share insights from the academy, relief and development organizations, denominational mission agencies, and the advocacy community to further understanding and networking opportunities among these various constituencies.
  • Stimulate discussion of U.S. foreign assistance in religious journals and Christian media. 
  • Identify issues for further exploration in theology and Christian ethics courses and discussions.
  • Identify ways in which participants can stimulate consciousness-raising and and advocacy within their respective constituencies.
  • Identify what additional documentation and resources may be necessary to further inform an evangelical response to the role of Government in God's mission for the world.

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