At this international civil society-led event in June, we seek to renew the 1,000 Days Call to Action to continue increasing the political will to scale up action and resources to improve maternal and child nutrition. This will be happening within the context of a U.S. global initiative on hunger and poverty, the final push on the Millennium Development Goals, and negotiations on a post-2015 development framework. During the next 1,000 Days, it will be necessary to deepen the commitment among stakeholders to work together to consolidate the impressive and much-needed gains made to scale up nutrition during the initial 1,000 Days and to realize the full potential of the SUN Movement.

Specific objectives for the meeting: 

  • To enshrine and embed U.S. political leadership on 1,000 Days.
  • To advance civil society advocacy and engagement in SUN.

The meeting will advance a set of short and medium term goals for the next 1,000 Days:
At the global level-

  • Continued political leadership on nutrition in the 1,000-day window of opportunity, particularly by the U.S. government
  • A critically needed financing pledge announced to support costed nutrition plans of SUN countries and other countries taking action to scale up nutrition
  • Agreement on an interim global stunting target and plans for how to reach that goal between 2013 and 2016
  • Inclusion of a specific nutrition goal and target, especially a stunting target and indicator, in the post-2015 development framework

At the country level-

  • Participation of all 36 high burden countries in either the Scaling up Nutrition Movement or actions to scale up nutrition
    • Within the next 1,000 Days, all SUN countries will have costed action plans and commitments to implement the action plans
  • Greater voice and participation of local civil society organizations in developing and implementing national nutrition plans;
  • Increased investments to improve nutrition capacity at the national level

Announcements and Documents anticipated to be released at the meeting:

  • Civil society declaration 
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