Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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Development Works Video Series

These videos tell stories about people who are improving their lives with the help of U.S. development assistance, and clear up common misconceptions about development.

The series helps people get a clearer picture of what is happening today in the struggle against global hunger and extreme poverty.

Development Works is for Bread members and activists, Hunger Justice Leaders, adult Sunday school teachers, and others who need information about our international advocacy work.

Additional Stories

Tammanna Akter in Bangladesh / Photo by Laura PohlTohomina

Just 50 years ago, one person in three around the world was malnourished. The dramatic reductions in global hunger over the past two generations prove that ending hunger is well within our reach. Watch the video »

Lab Technician in Jinja, Uganda / Photo by Laura PohlMalnutrition is Everywhere

In a recent budget debate, the U.S. Senate approved $706 million in funding for maternal and child health programs. Over the last 8 years, U.S. funding has helped reduced the global infant mortality rate by 10 percent. Watch the video »

Cocoa Extraction / Photo by Laura PohlKpan's Cocoa

David Kpan's cocoa farm is a 20-minute walk from his home, across skinny dirt paths and small streams that lie under a couple acres of lush trees. To get the highest quality cocoa possible, Kpan follows strict fermenting and drying procedures. Watch the video »

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