Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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Deepening your understanding of hunger and poverty issues is the first step in working to end hunger. When you understand what the issues are and identify the problems in your own mind, it's easier to decide on what action to take.

Worldwide, the number of hungry people has dropped significantly over the past two decades, but 842 million people continue to struggle with hunger every day. Each year, 2.6 million children die as a result of hunger-related causes.

But progress has been made. There has been a reduction of more than 34 percent in global hunger since 1990.

Bread for the World can be a resource and partner with you and your faith community in discerning your next steps to end hunger.

Bread offers many educational resources, including our annual Hunger Report, study guides, and curricula for Sunday schools, youth groups, and adult forums, and more!

Additional Resources

Activities and Curricula

Bread’s activities and curricula for people of all ages help children and adults learn about the problem of hunger and how they can end it.

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1000 Days

Women of Faith for the 1,000 Days Movement

The 1,000 days from pregnancy through a child’s second birthday are the most crucial for a child’s development.

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Old Church in Mexico/ Photo by Margie Nea

Advocacy Resources for Pastors

Advocacy, like discipleship, is a marathon, not a sprint. Our resources help pastors involve their congregation in advocacy work.

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Hunger Report 2014: Ending Hunger in America / Photo by Joe Molieri

2014 Hunger Report

The 2014 Hunger Report proposes bold steps to end hunger in the United States by 2030.

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