Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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Bulletin Inserts

Bread offers a variety of worship resources to raise up God's call to end hunger.

This page includes bulletin inserts that are meant to inspire and inform.

A Mother's Choice

The Christmas season is not always a joyous occasion for everyone. This bulletin insert reminds us that some families struggle to meet their basic needs.

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Acting on Faith

Faith in Jesus provides an awareness of God's love and the assurance of hope and desire for justice. Our faith in him seeks understanding, which leads to informed action about issues of justice. Use Acting on Faith to encourage your church members to understand the extent of hunger and poverty while discerning God's call to justice.

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Advent and Christmas Thoughts

This bulletin insert can be used throughout Advent to reflect on the need to make the good news of the Gospel a reality in our communities.

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Christ's Transfiguration

After Christ's transfiguration, Jesus led his disciples down the mountain to minister to the needs of those in the valley below. This bulletin insert discusses the connection between Jesus' transformative experience and our call to serve those in need.

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Christmas, Not Just Once a Year

The celebration of Christmas does not have to be an event that happens once a year; the power of Christ's message lives with us daily. Use this bulletin to inspire ideas in your church around ways to alleviate hunger and poverty.

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Connecting Our Vote to Hunger

There are many ways Christians can make a difference, but we often forget that one simple and important way is by voting. This bulletin insert discusses how our voting can contribute to a better society, and, in particular, how our country treats hungry and poor people.

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Hearing the Voices of Hunger

Hearing the Voices of Hunger offers five perspectives on living in a state of food and financial insecurity. Your church members may come to a different understanding of hunger and poverty once they know the true extent of the struggle.

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The Relationship between Your Vote and Hunger

Your vote can impact the lives of millions of hungry people. "The Relationship between Your Vote and Hunger" discusses the importance of voting as a way to advocate for hungry and poor people.

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Additional Worship Resources

Kenyan Dad and Daughter / Bread for the World

Pray for an End to Hunger

Find prayers for various occasions, for people who are hungry, and for the will to end hunger.

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Elizabeth Griswold, associate pastor at Irvine United Congregational Church in California / Photo by Laura Pohl


Discover songs about hunger and poverty that can be used in worship, including selections for both contemporary and traditional services

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Pastor Judith Van Osdol / Photo by Laura Pohl for Bread for the World

Worship Services

Explore Bread’s worship resources that help churches pray for our nation’s decision makers and for those in need.

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