Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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Organize Your Campus

Whether you’re part of a Bread Student Team or a student interested in organizing a Bread event, here are ideas for what you can do on campus:

Organize letter-writing activities.
A handwritten letter is a powerful tool to influence Congress. For example, Wooster College students wrote letters about important hunger-fighting legislation during their weekly Soup and Bread Program. After sharing a simple meal together, letter-writers used sample letters posted around the room to pen their own letters to Congress.

Build an action alert email network.
The Villanova University Bread team created a network of students who receive important email messages from Bread about pending legislation. When immediate action is critical, these students call their members of Congress with a timely message.

Plan a community service event.
Service activities are an important way to educate others about U.S. hunger and the ways national nutrition programs help meet the needs of hungry people. During a reflection time after the event, write letters to your members of Congress about your experience and urge them to support hunger-fighting legislation.

Form a Bread student team.
Bring together hunger activists on your campus to study the issue of hunger. Design a strategy to educate your campus and lobby your members of Congress. The Calvin College Social Justice Coalition writes letters to their members of Congress every week, making sure their elected officials hear from people on a regular basis who care about hunger and justice.

Use the Media.
Letters to the Editor in your campus or local newspaper present your perspective and can be a counter-argument for articles you don’t agree with. They also allow you to reach a larger audience and create an impression of widespread support for or against an issue.

Coordinate a Lobby Visit.
The Bethany College Hunger Ministries team coordinated a lobby visit for students, professors, and community members. The group visited their representative in his local office to express their concerns about hunger locally and around the United States, and asked him to protect national nutrition programs.

A face-to-face meeting is one of the most effective ways to influence your member of Congress. Elected officials are strongly affected by the opinions of constituents who are committed enough to arrange a visit.

Educating Others about Hunger

There are many ways to raise awareness about hunger—these activities have been successful on many campuses throughout the country.

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How to Start a Bread Student Team

Start by forming a core group. These people must be energetic and committed to founding a Bread team on their campus.

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