Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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What is a Bread Team?

A Bread Team is a local group of volunteers that turns faith into action by building the movement to end hunger at home and abroad.

Each team will cultivate grassroots support, engage the media, build coalitions, and urge decision-makers to end hunger.

Each will be an integral part of Bread's mission to win changes in policies, programs, and conditions that allow hunger and poverty to persist.

We're currently developing resources to empower teams to flourish, such as toolkits, instructional videos, forums to share information with other teams across the country, and more. We welcome your feedback on what would be helpful—use the "comments" section below, or email us to suggest your ideas.

Every team has its own gifts and personalities but also share some common threads. Teams tend to:

  • be goal-oriented. Members set and achieve mutually-agreed upon goals.
  • meet regularly.
  • be organized by metro area, congressional district, or other regional areas (by counties, for example).
  • coordinate, communicate, and brainstorm regularly with Bread's organizers about their goals.

Teams are sprouting up around the country. Contact your local regional office and an organizer can help you get started.

Contact Your Regional Organizer

Bread for the World organizers can provide you with resources for anti-hunger advocacy. Learn more about what your organizer can do for you. And find out about events in your local community.

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