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What Makes Up a Team?

A strong and vibrant team needs these basic roles:

  • Team leaders are responsible for moving the team to accomplish its tasks. They should create an environment that helps the team get its work done. They facilitate meetings, work closely with Bread staff to make sure goals are accomplished, build community, and provide opportunities for leadership.
  • Team recorders write down the team's key points, ideas, and decisions. They document the team's process, discussions, and decisions, and collect information for all new contacts. They ensure everyone knows the date, time, and location of the next meeting.
  • Media coordinators cultivate relationships with journalists, including print and broadcast reporters, and bloggers. They write and distribute press releases, event notices, and pitch stories as needed, and engage constituencies on relevant social media platforms.
  • Congressional coordinators initiate contact and build relationships with members of Congress and key staff.
  • Outreach coordinators build and maintain relationships with area churches. They work to increase the number of Offerings of Letters and Bread Covenant Churches. They also identify and connect with organizations and individuals who have a shared interest in Bread's legislative agenda (religious and secular). Lastly, they represent Bread at coalition meetings and coordinate "sign-on" letters as needed.  

Contact Your Regional Organizer

Bread for the World organizers can provide you with resources for anti-hunger advocacy. Learn more about what your organizer can do for you. And find out about events in your local community.

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