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What's the Role of Bread Staff?

Bread staff members will:

  • Work with team members to create and achieve goals, including advocacy, outreach, and media strategies.
  • Empower team members with skills training and resources.
  • Share relevant data, such as lists of members, churches, and potential partners.
  • Promote activities and events led by teams
  • Identify potential new team members.
  • Provide regular legislative updates to team members.
  • Share "best practices" and ideas generated by other teams throughout the country.

Bread staff members are at your service and will work to ensure teams consistently achieve their goals. We're here to listen and encourage, and provide input, ideas, and constructive criticism so that members have as fulfilling an experience as possible.

Contact Your Regional Organizer

Bread for the World organizers can provide you with resources for anti-hunger advocacy. Learn more about what your organizer can do for you. And find out about events in your local community.

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