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How to Write an Effective Op-Ed

There's an easy format you can use to organize your ideas and clarify your message—try using the EPIC outline, and your letter to the editor or op-ed will almost write itself!

Engage. Engage the reader with a startling fact, a visceral image, or a strong statement of a serious problem.

Propose. Make a specific proposal regarding the Offering of Letters or a piece of legislation.

Illustrate. Illustrate how the proposal would work and why it's important. Provide details or examples to make it concrete.

Call to action or commitment. Ask your legislators and/or readers to take a specific action, or express your commitment to alleviating hunger.

"Engage" grabs the reader's attention.

"Propose" makes it clear what you are advocating for.

"Illustrate" fleshes out your solution and gives reasons why it's a good idea.

"Call to action" ends your piece with a request, or "commitment" ends your piece with an inspiring statement of your vision.

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