Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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New to Advocacy?

Confronting the problem of hunger can seem overwhelming. What can one person do? Plenty—and Bread for the World can help.

This page includes tools and tips for raising awareness about hunger, involving your church or campus group, and taking action.

Contact Your Regional Organizer

Bread for the World organizers can provide you with resources for anti-hunger advocacy. Learn more about what your organizer can do for you. And find out about events in your local community.

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Bud and Barbara Miller at Bread for the World's Lobby Day / Photo by Laura Pohl

Engage Your Church

Are you looking for ways to involve your church community? Find resources to empower your congregation to take action against hunger.

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Organize Your Campus

Students are the heartbeat of movements for social change. Our Campus Resource Center contains all the resources you need to involve your campus.

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Influence the Media

Why Media Matters / Generating local media attention about hunger is one of the most powerful ways we can raise awareness to end it—whether you live in a major metropolitan area such as New York City or a small town like Minot, North Dakota.

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Write to Congress

Everyone—including government—must do their part to end hunger. Make your voices heard in Congress. Speak out for the needs of hungry people.

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