Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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What can your Bread Organizers do for you?

  1. Provide Updates: Bread Organizers can provide updates on legislation and issues on which Bread is working.  They can also provide updated sample letters, or updates to what happens following Action Alerts.
  2. Provide Resources:  Bread Organizers can provide resources on hunger, poverty, justice, advocacy, the Offering of Letters topic, Biblical basis for action, and more.
  3. Assist in Organizing an Offering of Letters: Bread Organizers are always ready to offer advice and assistance as you plan an Offering of Letters to Congress at your church, on your campus, or with your group.  They can give lots of background information, as needed, or organizing/coordinating tips for having a good letter writing event.
  4. Help You Deepen the Involvement of Your Church or Campus:  Whatever stage your church, campus or group is at, Bread Organizers can help you to consider ways to draw the group more deeply into hunger, poverty, justice, advocacy, and of course, Bread for the World.
  5. Assist in Starting a Bread Leadership Team in Your Area: Bread for the World is beginning the process of forming Bread Leadership Teams in many geographic areas to do local outreach and action for Bread for the World.  If you are interested in being part of team or starting a team, your Bread Organizers would love to be in touch with you.
  6. Help You Plan an Event or Workshop: Would you like to plan an event or workshop for your area?  Would you like to have your church or campus host an Offering of Letters Workshop?  Your Bread Organizers would like to work with you on those events. 
  7. Speak for Your Event or Help You Find a Speaker: Bread Organizers frequently provide keynote speeches for various types of events, sermons for church or chapel services, interactive activities and simulations for events and workshops, or talks for college classes, adult forums and seminars. When you ask for a speaker, plan with plenty of lead time and be advised that the organizer would probably want to plan several events, meetings or speaking engagements around the request. In addition, a Bread Organizer may not always be available, in which case they can help you find someone else (in some communities, there are Bread for the World Speakers Bureaus).

Contact Your Regional Organizer

Bread for the World organizers can provide you with resources for anti-hunger advocacy. Learn more about what your organizer can do for you. And find out about events in your local community.

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