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Activities for Children and Youth

The following activities are available for download in PDF format. You will need Acrobat Reader to view the documents. Click the button below to download it for free:

What is Hunger?—Using the food pyramid as a guide, this activity will help children to understand the definition of hunger to be "when people do not get enough of the right kinds of foods to be healthy."

7 Cents a Day—Hunger could be dramatically reduced in the United States and worldwide for seven cents per American per day. In simple financial terms, this activity shows what kind of commitment it would take on each child's part to make a difference.

Our Daily Bread Collage—As children consider hunger and poverty in the world, they will make a collage of faces to be reminded of Jesus' prayer.

A Sudan Story in Drama—In this activity, children will act out a story from Sudan.

A Spyglass View of God's Vision for the World—This activity explores the good news and hope presented in Revelation 7:15-17.

Writing a Litany—With the children, write a litany based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

God's Vision for All People—Look closely and find a special message in the spiral puzzle concerning God's vision for the world.

Giving Food to Others—This game makes collecting items for a food pantry or food bank fun and exciting. Materials needed are colored markers or crayons, a poster board, and creativity!

Stories About Hunger—Come and meet Ray, Jane, Nina, and Olivia. Take a glimpse into their lives of hunger and poverty. This activity helps children and youth to reflect on hunger and poverty and creatively address the issues.

"Make It Through the Month" Maze—Many families live with very little money. If something happens, like someone gets sick or the car breaks down, there is no money to pay for it. In this activity, start at “Day 1” and see if you can get all the way to the end of the month.

"Let Others Know" Posters— An old Chinese saying is as follows: A person who has food has many problems. A person who has no food has only one problem. In this activity, children and youth will explore the meaning of this saying by creating posters that bring the plight of hungry people to others.

"Feeding a Family" Game—In this activity, you will create four groups and give each group a paper describing its family and income. Each group will attempt to plan a nutritious menu for one day based on the money it has available. Children and youth can examine how easy or difficult it can be to make the kinds of decisions that poor and hungry people must make daily.

"All That Children Need" Mobile—How does Jesus feel about children? What do children need so that they can be healthy? In this activity, children and youth answer these questions.  Create a mobile to be displayed in your church using lightweight cardboard, scissors, a wooden dowel, colored markers, a stapler and staples or masking tape, and string or yarn.

"Love God and One Another" Rap— In this activity children and youth will read and reflect on Luke 10:25-28. They will be invited to share how they can show their love for God by loving others. Then, you will use their ideas to write a rap.

"Telling Others" Announcements—One way that children can help put an end to hunger is to ask for help from others. In this activity, children and youth will explore exciting ways to share important information about hunger.

Show Your Concern by Writing a Letter—One way to help families who are in need is to write your government officials asking them to provide assistance to these families. This activity is designed to teach children and youth how to write letters to their Senators and Representative on behalf of poor and hungry people.

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