Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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The leader's Guide for Hunger No More is designed to help parishes open up a discussion of long-term issues related to hunger, poverty, and powerlessness in the United States and the developing world.

The study engages people in a conversation about their faith—with prayerful reflection, dialogue, and response—to understand how we can move closer to the promise of Revelation 7:16: "They shall hunger no more."

The Hunger No More kit includes a six-session leader's guide for adults and youth, handouts for each unit, and a poster. Six separate handouts support each session and feature stories from scripture and from life, references for further study, and complementary activities for children. All materials can be photocopied. Biblical passages introduce key discussion themes, including:

  • Wealth and Poverty—Causes and Solutions
  • The Impact of Hunger on Children in the World
  • Balancing Personal and Social Responsibility for Helping Hungry People

Use in

  • Lenten series
  • Adult study groups
  • Christian communities
  • Sunday and day school classes
  • Women's groups
  • Youth groups
  • Social ministry/justice committees
  • Inter-faith discussions

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