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The CIA World Fact Book contains information about every country in the world.

UNICEF has current statistics on children’s issues on their website.

The US Census Bureau has statistics concerning poverty domestically and internationally.

The World Bank site has the latest poverty information.

The Globalization Website has useful information and links to find out more about the diverse effects of globalization.

The Hunger Report is published annually by the Bread for the World Institute to raise awareness about current hunger conditions.

The Rural Poverty Report 2008 -   Harvesting Solutions: How Poor Rural People Overcome Poverty is produced by the International Fund for Agricultural Development.  It has useful information on how improved farming techniques can help overcome poverty.

United Nations Development Programme:

Check out current and past publications of Bread for the World Institute’s annual Hunger Report.

Learn about Domestic facts on hunger and poverty.

Look up the latest statistics from the here.

The current statistics on world hunger are always changing…check in periodically with these websites to learn more.

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