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Improving Foreign Assistance

Global development and global poverty reduction must be elevated as specific goals in U.S. foreign policy, distinguished from political, military and security goals, with distinct and secure funding.

Poverty reduction should be the primary focus of U.S. development assistance, with substantially more poverty-focused funding provided to meet commitments related to the Millennium Development Goals.

Development assistance should be provided in partnership with recipient countries to meet their long-term development goals.

Civilian leadership in development assistance must be maintained and strengthened, with the Department of Defense limited to its operational strengths in logistics and stabilization.

An effective, streamlined agency is required to direct all U.S. development assistance, consolidating the plethora of development assistance programs currently spread across 12 cabinet departments and numerous agencies.

Other U.S. policies (related to trade, investment, or migration, for example) should be aligned with development assistance goals and objectives to maximize the impact of U.S. development programs.

U.S. development assistance should be more closely coordinated with other international donors to reduce the burdens on recipient governments as well as the costly duplication of programs.

For more information, check out our fact sheet: "International Food Aid Reform."

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