Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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Women of Faith for 1,000 Days

Certain groups of people are often at greater risk of hunger than others. Among them are women and children. One effective way to break the cycle of hunger is to intervene early in the lives of children — even before birth — and provide them with good nutrition.

The 1,000 days from pregnancy through a child’s second birthday are the most crucial for a child’s development. But many women around the world don’t have access to proper nutrition for themselves or their children. Without adequate nutrition during this critical period, children suffer permanent cognitive and physical delays. Out of a deep sense of call, women of faith have joined together to support the international Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) group of developing countries for better nutrition in the 1,000-day window.

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Learn about and take action on current global nutrition legislation:


How can you connect to the movement?

  • "Like" our Facebook page and connect with other women who care about proper nutrition for mothers and children. Share stories about your conversations!
  • Facilitate 1,000 conversations about maternal and child nutrition in 1,000 days in your church. There are many ways to have a "conversation"— here are some ideas.
  • Take a moment to fill out this form pledging to be a champion for maternal and child nutrition.
  • Below are some resources to help you along the way. Check back periodically to see what's new!


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