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Hunger Takes No Holidays

Many Missouri families have a tradition of giving to others during the holiday season by volunteering at a food pantry, soup kitchen, or other feeding program. Even more give food or a cash donation to such agencies. Often in these experiences people find themselves counting their own blessings in a profound new way because of what they learn about the challenges faced by many of their neighbors.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch on December 20, 2012

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Faith and the fiscal cliff: ‘The nation will be judged’

But with budget talks in Washington dragging slowly, dangerously close to the so-called Fiscal Cliff—the drop-dead deadline for a deal that would trigger just over a trillion dollars in automatic funding cuts to programs that would include those that feed and house the poor—religious organizations and clergy are praying for a resolution that spares the huddled masses they collectively serve.

MSNBC on December 11, 2012

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Deal should not come at expense of the poor

With 2012 coming to an end, Washington is gripped by rhetoric and negotiations about the “fiscal cliff” on the horizon. Members of Congress, the media and interest groups are frantically talking about the economic and political ramifications of the automatic spending cuts and tax increases that will be triggered in the new year. 

The Hill on December 10, 2012

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In the Land of Plenty, Many Black Families Still Go Hungry

As millions of families gather for marathon eating sessions across the nation this holiday season, Black families will worry about where their next meal is coming from at a rate that is twice that of Whites, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Seattle Medium on December 5, 2012

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Resilience: Safety Net for Reducing Hunger and Malnutrition

Over the last month, we have watched communities along the New York and New Jersey coastline begin to rebuild from the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy. It is a reminder that we are all vulnerable to natural disasters that can happen at any time. How communities survive and recover from these shocks depends very much on their resilience – their ability to cope and their systems for preparing, responding and rebuilding. In the United States, these systems are already in place and, for the most part, function well. This is not the case in many low-income countries.

USAID Impact Blog on December 4, 2012

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Bread for the World Releases Hunger Report in Time for Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the Bread for the World Institute released its timely 2011 Hunger Report, with an event Monday at the National Press Club, featuring USAID administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah and recent World Food Prize winner and Bread for the World President David Beckman.

One on December 3, 2012

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How Best to Handle the Poor?

Our nation's birth ignited a fierce political firestorm. Its embers still flare today.

The incendiary debate features fiery opposing arguments. Some believe God helps those who help themselves, with Uncle Sam butting out. Others say government assistance is required to help the poor escape their plight.

Vail Daily on December 2, 2012

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Great Deals on the Season's Hottest Item: Giving Back

Last week, I wrote about how we can reduce our stress during the holiday season, a need that was once again underscored by the discount shopping (and attendant madness) brought to us by Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But as we try to shift from anxiety to generosity, reflection, and celebration, it's also a time to widen the circle of our concern and do what we can to give back to those who face challenges much bigger than stress.

The Huffington Post on November 27, 2012

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The Fiscal Cliff: Maintaining a Circle of Protection for Children, Hungry People and the Poor

Now that President Obama and the United States Congress are redirecting their attention to lingering issues, such as expiration of the Bush tax cuts and the importance of getting our nation's fiscal house in order by finding and agreeing to a balanced approach to deficit reduction, I trust there is a spirit of cooperation and commitment to work together to lead our nation to a fiscally sustainable future that is both fair and productive. After all, this is far too important for the sake of our country to proceed in any other way.

The Huffington Post on November 21, 2012

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Report Calls for End to Hunger in a Generation

Bread for the World is urging the United States to take the lead to end world hunger by 2040.

Voice of America on November 20, 2012

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Ending Global Hunger Within Reach, Christian Leaders Say

The 2013 Hunger Report, "Within Reach: Global Development Goals," calls on leaders to make a final push to achieve the MDG on hunger by the target date of 2015 and looks ahead to setting new MDGs in 2015.

Christian Post Politics on November 19, 2012

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Hunger hits Hoosiers harder recently

During the recession, more families have struggled to eat enough.

indystar.com on November 18, 2012

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The Cost of Malnutrition

Malnutrition takes the lives of 300 children every hour. It also robs people of their earning potential and stands in the way of a country's economic development. 

The Huffington Post on November 13, 2012

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United Voice on Poverty

In an extremely polarized political season it was remarkable in mid-September to see the National Association of Evangelicals and the National Council of Churches posting identical information on their websites related to the presidential campaign. I can’t ever remember seeing that before. The issue was poverty and hunger, and each website included a brief video statement from both presidential candidates.

Mennontie World Review on November 12, 2012

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Make ending hunger a priority, Obama administration urged

US Christian charity Bread for the World is urging its supporters to write to President Obama asking him to make ending hunger a priority.

Ekklesia A new way of thinking on November 8, 2012

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What do religious leaders want for Obama’s next four years?

WASHINGTON (RNS) Addressing poverty. Seeking reconciliation. Protecting religious freedom. Religious leaders already have their wish lists ready for President Obama's second term.

Religion News Service on November 6, 2012

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Despierta! Hispanic Evangelicals and Political Ping-Pong

Recently, in an interview, I reiterated what I've been saying for years: Hispanic evangelicals are the quintessential swing voters. If Pew's research is correct, the approximate 7.5 million Latino evangelicals are an electorate that is not easily tied to any political party. Pew says that close to 50 percent of Latino evangelicals plan to vote for President Obama, while 39 percent favor Governor Romney. It is not surprising that in 2004 the Latino evangelical vote was carried by President George W. Bush and in 2008 a majority voted for President Obama.

The Huffington Post on November 5, 2012

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Paul Ryan's policies will hurt poor, not help them

Let’s set aside the lofty rhetoric and consider the facts. Rep. Ryan’s budget proposal slashes food stamps, makes it harder for our elderly to access quality health care and erodes Medicaid. Sixty percent of the budget cuts in Ryan's plan fall on programs that serve people in need, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

The Hill Congress Blog on November 1, 2012

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Soapbox: War on poverty has become war on poor

The reality and response to poverty has scarcely been addressed in the presidential campaigns. Former Gov. Mitt Romney did make mention of low-income people in the debates but told CNN, “I’m not concernred about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it.”

Coloradoan on November 1, 2012

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Poll: Voters Want Leader to Prioritize Working Poor Families and #talkpoverty

Americans recognize a problem when we see it. But what happens when that problem continues to worsen year after year, and leaders are reluctant to speak its name?

The Huffington Post on October 28, 2012

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