Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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Bread for the World Member Continues to Speak Out

By Oshkosh Hub Staff on December 10, 2011
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No family should have to put their children to bed hungry in our country.

While one person cannot end hunger, one person truly can make a difference. Just ask Leota Ester, who for the last 30 or so years has been involved with the nonprofit Bread for the World, a collective Christian voice that urges the nation's decision-makers to end hunger at home and abroad.

The 82-year-old Appleton woman's efforts were recognized in Bread for the World's recent newsletter. She serves on the organization's development committee.

Bread for the World, which has tens of thousands of members — individuals, families, churches and other groups — around the country, is fairly well known in the Fox Valley. Memorial Presbyterian Church in Appleton, for example, has been a member of Bread for the World for as long as Ester, a member who first heard about it there.

Beth Lepinski of Appleton, a member of Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, has been a member, leader and activist for Bread for the World since 1975. St. Thomas More, St. Joseph and St. Bernard, all in Appleton, also are a few of the churches involved in the organization.

"Every once in a while we have a gathering, and in the area we have maybe 60 or 70 people," Ester said.

The reason Bread for the World works is that each individual involved in the group handwrites letters of support to Congress, she said. "The offering of letters is really an important part of every year," she said of the nationwide Offering of Letters. "And this year we would be writing for the Circle of Protection."

More than 13,000 Americans have signed a memorandum to their members of Congress, supporting the need to substantially reduce deficits but not at the expense of hungry and poor people.

Thankfully, Ester said, Bread for the World works in a bipartisan way with supporters coming from both sides of the political fence.


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