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Letters: Don't be cruel in the effort to cut deficit

By Maureen E. O'Reilly, Dearborn on May 22, 2011
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If there's one thing that just about all of us agree on, it's the appalling condition of our federal budget. How that should be addressed depends on how one looks at it. Along with many others, I submit that the budget is a moral document; it shows our citizens and the rest of the world what our priorities are -- what we value as a group of people.

That's why I am so concerned that budget proposals in Washington are so focused on cutting programs that are vital for hungry and poor people. As a member of Bread for the World, I want to join people across the nation calling for a circle of protection around essential programs that help provide food, health care and child care to low-income people.

All of our representatives and senators need to understand that poor people did not create the deficit, and to balance the budget on the backs of people who can least afford it should not be an option.

Are down-on-their luck vets, poor seniors, families struggling to put food on the table, teachers who face kids without the energy to learn consoled by the fact that we're willing to cut funds that help provide their most basic needs at the same time we're willing to extend tax cuts to the wealthy?

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