Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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Education: Poverty is not a Moral Choice, It is a Social Influence

By Michael Pulse on January 21, 2014
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Bread for the World wants to open discussions for the causes of poverty; these causes have been overlooked by social structures developed into incorrect infrastructures. Social actions are meant for all to gain from openly, not for the few to gain what they desire by costing others. Congressional leader suggesting the poor have fewer morals is neither rational nor sane. The reasoning there are those who are poor, comes by the social leadership which is lacking worldwide. The risk is not to those in poverty, but to the same who refuse to allow them existence. And the time to consider this is now, for it will not be long before the tipping point will be reached and things are forced to change once more.

The causes for poverty are simple to understand, it only takes an unforeseen, or misunderstood action to trip up the entire economic system. The result sends most of those connected to the same economic structure into frenzy as they attempt to save what they can. And secondary actions, such as an individual’s health, war, or natural disaster, take part in this as well to ripple out and into the rest of the economic spectrum. These actions took effect with the mortgage and banking scandals which have not even as yet been completely revealed to the public. The social actions meant to offer protections have instead become raided by the few who desire to control the majority with falsehoods.

Economics is based on social interactions, therefore as a social activity it must be defined as offering equality in trade to all who are in the same spectrum. The various mediums which we have used to convert one action or means of equality to another were developed by humans over the years. But economic principals are the same as they have always been; they are being disregarded by those in authority for their personal gains. This situation is what has caused the poverty levels and rates to move in the wrong directions. Now the same leadership is foolishly suggesting the problems of poverty are the problems of individuals. Reality is, those in poverty are getting upset around the world, the economic theories presented by fools are being rejected worldwide.

The rational thing to remember is the majority has followed what this leadership has set up to operate society. Yet they have not received any changes in their lives, unless they decided to operate in means the same leadership did not suggest. Pushing all in society to gain employment only in areas where more funds are provided has developed only infrastructure for this leadership. The rest of society has not had infrastructure developed, nor has authoritarian leadership offered to do so now. The poverty levels exist, but not just in one nation, across the world poverty had become a problem. This by the common mindset world leaders have instilled into their policies.
World leadership has failed again and again to solve the problems of poverty, this because of the falsehoods they have used to control others. Control through personal desires, lacks the changes which bring about the social majority’s needs. This is the development of risk, payment of which has been forced upon those in society who are not capable of paying such anymore. And this brings out another risk, one the political leadership has failed to comprehend well enough, yet the world has seen already growing. As economics is a matter of exchange, once the majority was forced to accept risk, it was only a matter of time before the ripple effect returned risk to those in charge.

As in all things, equilibrium must be established by the actions we take, economics allows individual to modify and establish this equilibrium daily. But when forced to accept the economic waste from others, there is little one can do as you get overwhelmed. It is the corruption other individuals allow, which overwhelms the individual causing waste in the daily reality we have around us. And those presenting this economic waste, are not building nor allowing to be built, infrastructure which allows for development outside of this economic waste. Thus they believe they can control the reality we exist in, just as British baronets overseeing food relief once did so are their now others. Pushing others into death to control them, does not produce control only lives lost to domination going nowhere.

The tipping point is coming; it is close at hand with the world already reacting as many have seen it as well. But those still blaming poverty on those they have made victims of greed; have forgotten all animals make waste and it is converted but only for one to use. Those producing the waste do not necessarily get a direct return upon this, yet if they want to it can be forced down their throats as well. And as seen already, such has happened as more people realize their own means to gain comes one way. As reality ripples out from these effects, we are seeing the tipping point coming into view, and this effect will hit hard to those un-prepared.

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