Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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Write to fight hunger

By Julie McNaughton on June 9, 2009
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In sub-Saharan Africa, where food prices have doubled since 2006, the world's poorest people are barely surviving on famine foods: roots, grass and mud cakes. The global food crisis has increased the number of hungry people in the world from one in seven to one in six.

The ONE Campaign and Bread of the World's 2009 Offering of Letters aims to improve United States foreign aid. Each year, Bread for the World plans a nationwide Offering of Letters to improve government policy for the benefit of hungry people.

Only one-half of 1 percent of our federal budget goes for the development aid portion of foreign aid. Bread for the World aims to increase our development aid to 1 percent. This increase in development aid will help overcome the global food crisis and give more long-lasting aid to hungry people in poor countries.

Until the global food crisis hit two years ago, development aid was reducing the number of hungry people. Even now, with development aid in Africa and other places, children are going to school, new wells are irrigating farmland and health clinics are distributing life-saving medicines.

We must increase this effective development aid. An estimated 600 people in this area have written letters for the 2009 Offering for Letters. Please join us by writing to our members of Congress on behalf of hungry people.

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