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Bread for the World Supports Speech on Poverty; Calls on President to Refuse Further Cuts to Food Stamps

Washington, DC, December 4, 2013

Bread for the World supports President Obama’s speech today on poverty and income inequality. He sounded some of the same themes that Bread for the World stresses in its 2014 Hunger Report— investing in good jobs, ending the political brinkmanship that led to the sequester, investing in people, strengthening the safety net, and encouraging community partnerships.

Following is the response to President Obama’s speech from Bread for the World President Rev. David Beckmann:

“President Obama has outlined a strategy to make America a land of opportunity for everybody. Bread for the World released our own report on how to end hunger in America just last week, and the president's thinking is largely consistent with our own. It is great that the president laid out his vision in such a comprehensive and compelling way.

“However, we are disappointed that the president didn’t draw a line in the sand against further cuts to food stamps. A drastic cut just took effect, and Congress is considering even deeper cuts in the coming days. A great speech is not a substitute for tough resolve on one of the most effective components of our safety net.

“Churches and food charities nationwide are already overwhelmed by increased need resulting from recent cuts to SNAP. The recent cuts slashed 10 million meals a day from the SNAP program, which is more than all churches and charities combined in this country provide.  We are in danger of losing more with Congress considering proposals for additional cuts more than twice as large.

“Some Republican leaders—Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor, for example—have said that they plan to explain how conservative principles can lead to more opportunity for struggling, low-income Americans. Now is the time for them to explain more fully what they have in mind. I'd love to see our two parties compete to demonstrate their effectiveness in tackling hunger and poverty.

“Ladders of opportunity can’t exist if the safety net is in shreds. Now is the time for President Obama and congressional leaders to stand up and forcefully protect programs that enable hardworking Americans to put food on the table and provide a secure future for their kids.”

Bread for the World spokespeople are available for comment and analysis of the speech. To arrange an interview, please contact Kristen Archer at 202.688.1118 or karcher@bread.org

Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation's decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad.

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