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Hunger Organizations Join Efforts to Raise Awareness During Ramadan Season

Washington, DC, July 17, 2012

Muslims are being called to put their compassion to work and learn more about global hunger during Ramadan−a specially designated month during which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. A network of organizations led by the Alliance to End Hunger and Islamic Relief USA  have joined resources to publish the Ramadan Action Guide.

“We’re excited about any opportunity we have to increase awareness about hunger issues,” said Amb. Tony Hall,  executive director of the Alliance to End Hunger. “The Ramadan Action Guide is a great resource that will help the Muslim community learn more about hunger and strengthen their advocacy skills.”

The guide provides background on international and domestic hunger problems, as well as tips on advocacy and raising public awareness. Throughout the year, Muslims are called to serve God through prayer, charity, community building, and service, with Ramadan being a time devoted for reflection and growing closer to God.

 “Allah is the one who feeds us and saves us from hunger,” said Islamic Relief USA CEO Abed Ayoub. “Fasting during Ramadan allows Muslims to experience what more than 780 million hungry people endure every day.”

U.S. government funding for poverty-focused foreign assistance programs comprise less than 1 percent of the federal budget, yet these programs help save the lives of millions and give people the tools necessary to lift themselves out of poverty.  Domestically, more than 46 million Americans participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps), and the majority of SNAP households include children, the elderly, or a person with disabilities.

“Less than 10 percent of food assistance for poor people comes from charities; the majority comes from federal nutrition programs like SNAP,” said Hall. “We must urge our political leaders to support programs that help vulnerable people here in the United States and abroad.”

“Just like hunger and thirst can be a test, so can food and wealth,” added Ayoub. “Food is a blessing, which we must share. Everyone needs to work together to eradicate extreme hunger.”

To download a copy of the Ramadan Action Guide visit http://www.alliancetoendhunger.org/pressroom/Final%20Ramadan%20Action%20Guide%202012.pdf.

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