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Bread for the World Institute Announces Launch of “Development Works” Resource

Washington, DC, January 14, 2013 – Bread for the World Institute has just released Development Works, a new resource highlighting the benefits of effective global development programs in the fight against hunger. Read more »

Fiscal Deal Minimizes Negative Impact on Poor People

Washington, DC, January 2, 2013 – Nearly 24 hours into 2013, Congress passed a last-minute deal to avoid sending the country over the fiscal cliff. Read more »

House to Vote on Foreign Aid Bill Today

Washington, DC, December 30, 2012 – Bread for the World applauds the vote on H.R. 3159, the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2012. Scheduled for 6.30 p.m. today, this bipartisan legislation is an important step towards better efficiency among U.S. foreign aid programs. Read more »

Now That the Political Posturing Is Over, It's Time to Compromise

Washington, DC, December 24, 2012 – Bread for the World is disappointed by the breakdown in budget negotiations at the end of last week. Read more »

Bread for the World Responds to Anticipated Vote on Plan B

Washington, DC, December 20, 2012 – Bread for the World president Rev. David Beckmann released the following statement today in advance of the House of Representatives’ approaching votes on H.J. Res 66 (also known as “Plan B”) and H.R. 6684 (the Spending Reduction Act of 2012). Read more »


Washington, DC, December 19, 2012 – As political leaders near a deal, religious leaders call for Republicans and Democrats to adhere to the basic moral principle of protecting programs that serve low-income people. Read more »

New Global Partnerships Act Aims to Modernize U.S. Foreign Assistance

Washington, DC, December 12, 2012 – The Global Partnerships Act of 2012 is the major rewrite of the Foreign Assistance Act originally passed in 1961 during Pres. John F. Kennedy’s term. Read more »

Obama and Boehner Budget Proposals Both Fail to Explicitly Protect Poor People

Washington, DC, December 6, 2012 – Bread for the World commends the Obama deficit reduction proposal for apparently avoiding cuts to programs for hungry and poor people, but criticizes both the Obama and Boehner proposals for failing to include the principle that deficit reduction should not increase poverty. Read more »

Hunger Report Calls on U.S. Leadership to End Hunger Within a Generation

Washington, DC, November 19, 2012 – A new report issued today by the Bread for the World Institute reveals the extraordinary progress many countries around the world have made in achieving the development goals they agreed to 12 years ago. However, programs that support these efforts could be derailed, depending on the outcome of ongoing U.S. negotiations to avert the “fiscal cliff.” The United States is the largest provider of poverty-focused development assistance programs in absolute terms. These effective programs are at risk in these negotiations. Read more »

International Development Experts Join Bread for the World Institute in Calling on President Obama to Set a Goal for Ending Global Hunger

Washington, DC, November 15, 2012 – In 2015, leaders are expected to decide on a new set of global development goals to follow the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The 2013 Hunger Report calls for a renewed push to meet the MDGs in the next three years and a dedicated commitment to ending hunger and poverty after 2015. Read more »

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