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Bread for the World Analysis Seeks to Recognize Dr. King’s Legacy

Washington, DC, April 4, 2014 – Forty-six years after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., hunger and poverty continues to disproportionately affect the African-American community. A recent analysis by Bread for the World takes a look at how employment issues, such as the stagnant minimum wage, impact the African-American community. Read more »

FY 2015 Budget Proposal Cuts Deeply into Programs for Hungry and Poor People

Washington, DC, April 1, 2014 – Bread for the World is deeply disappointed in the fiscal year 2015 House budget proposal. Read more »

Congress Honors Dr. Norman Borlaug’s Legacy on National Agriculture Day

Washington, DC, March 25, 2014 – Today Congress honors Dr. Norman Borlaug’s 100th birthday and lifetime of agriculture and humanitarian achievements with the installation of a statue in his likeness in the U.S. Capitol coinciding with National Agriculture Day. Read more »

President’s Budget a Step in the Right Direction

Washington, DC, March 5, 2014 – The president’s 2015 budget includes proposals that would help reduce hunger in our country and around the world. Read more »

Capitol Hill Summit to Address Connections between Hunger and Health

Washington, DC, February 26, 2014 – On Thursday, Feb. 27, the Alliance to End Hunger and healthcare industry leader ProMedica will host a summit in Washington, D.C., to address hunger as a health issue. Titled “Come to the Table,” the event will draw 200 registrants, including more than 30 members of Congress, to Capitol Hill to strategize actionable, effective ways to end hunger. Read more »

President Takes the Lead on Raising Minimum Wage

Washington, DC, February 12, 2014 – The president signed an executive order today, raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour for federal contractors. Neither chamber of Congress has passed a minimum wage bill, but the president moved forward on his vow to not “stand still,” made during the State of the Union. We are encouraged by this step, and urge Congress to raise the minimum wage for all workers. Read more »

Bread for the World Applauds House for Ending Budget Brinkmanship

Washington, DC, February 11, 2014 – Bread for the World applauds the House of Representatives for raising the nation’s debt ceiling today without any conditions. In a 221-201 vote, lawmakers voted to end three years of budget showdowns that have created undue strain on the economy—especially among struggling families. Read more »

Bread for the World Launches Campaign to Reform U.S. Food Aid

Washington, DC, February 11, 2014 – Bread for the World launched its 2014 Offering of Letters campaign to urge Congress to reform U.S. food aid so it is more efficient and benefits millions more hungry people at no additional cost to taxpayers. Read more »

GOP Principles for Immigration Reform Should Also Address Root Causes of Migration

Washington, DC, February 5, 2014 – Last week, House Republican leaders released a one-page document outlining principles for immigration reform. Read more »

New Farm Bill Compromise a Mixed Bag

Washington, DC, February 4, 2014 – Bread for the World commends its grassroots members for efforts to protect SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly food stamps) and to improve international food aid in the Agricultural Act of 2014. Although it excludes some drastic SNAP-cut and policy-change proposals, the bill includes a cut to SNAP just months after the monthly allowances of SNAP recipients were cut. Read more »

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