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Bread for the World and Link TV Documentary Highlights Innovative Programs that Alleviate Global Hunger

Washington, DC, August 9, 2011

Bread for the World has partnered with independent nonprofit broadcaster Link TV to produce a new television documentary special called "ViewChange: Challenging Hunger," featuring stories that illustrate the importance and success of hunger programs supported by U.S. foreign aid assistance. The program premiers online today at www.bread.org and www.ViewChange.org.

Nearly 1 billion people suffer from chronic hunger. Many Americans believe nearly 25 percent of the U.S. budget goes toward foreign assistance when in fact, less than 1 percent supports crucial foreign assistance programs—including anti-hunger programs and food aid. Innovative programs from aid groups and governments are creating effective new systems for alleviating the problem.

"The percentage of our annual budget that supports foreign assistance is so small, but it is necessary and effective to help to solve the problem of global hunger," said Rev. David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World. "Supporting innovations and effective solutions to chronic hunger is not just a matter of moral imperative, but it's a matter of national security. During a time of economic downturn around the world, the world's most vulnerable people need this support the most."

The half-hour special highlights the importance of funding for ongoing development and management of programs that provide long-term hunger solutions. Stories include Mexican migrant farmers who are able to stay in their home country rather than travel to the United States illegally to support their families, Ethiopian women helping to supply long-term solutions to hunger and microfinance programs in Bangladesh providing hope for small-scale farmers in drought-prone areas of the world. The show also underscores a little-known connection between illegal or unauthorized immigration and hunger. According to Bread for the World, hunger and poverty are the top factors contributing to unauthorized migration to the United States.

Bread for the World is a member of the "Circle of Protection," a movement of religious leaders urging lawmakers to protect programs that are vital to hungry and poor people. Rev. Beckmann and others met with President Obama last month to urge his administration to protect funding for these essential programs.

ViewChange: Challenging Hunger is part of Link TV's ViewChange.org, a new multimedia website that brings together powerful, evidence-based videos that demonstrate progress in global development and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, along with the latest news and action opportunities for users. The half-hour documentary will broadcast on Link TV Friday, August 12 (7 p.m. EST) and again on Tuesday, August 16 (11 p.m. EST) on DIRECTV Channel 375 and DISH Network Channel 9410.

Link Media, an independent non-commercial company, uses media and the power of stories to engage, inform and inspire its audiences to participate in transformational, sustainable change on issues of global importance.

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