Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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2011 Offering of Letters

Over the last few years, Bread for the World members have successfully persuaded their elected officials to make reducing global hunger and poverty in developing countries an important U.S. government priority. But our work is far from over. There is more to do.

Bread for the World’s 2011 Offering of Letters will continue to push Congress and the administration toward U.S. foreign assistance that is more effective in reducing poverty. We will advocate for a stronger U.S. government focus on reducing poverty, clearer accountability for how aid dollars are spent, a transformed U.S. development agency, and U.S. aid that meets the needs and wants of local people.

Reforms in foreign assistance will mean more help to millions of hungry and poor people for years to come. We can do far more for hungry people with an effective U.S. aid system in place.

Please join us. Call 1-800-82-BREAD to order your 2011 Offering of Letters kit so you can learn how to get your church, campus, or community to take action. You may also pre-order the 2011 Offering of Letters kit or bulletin inserts online or download a PDF copy of the handbook.

For the 2010 Offering of Letters, please visit www.offeringofletters.org.

Hunger and Poverty Facts

Did you know? 24,000 children die every day from poverty, hunger, and preventable diseases. That’s one child every 3.6 seconds.

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Questions and Answers

The recession is hitting our nation hard. Shouldn’t we help hurting people here first? As Christians, we believe our government should support the efforts of poor people—wherever they live—to move out of poverty.

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U.S. Foreign Aid in Action: Stories from Haiti and Liberia

As the following stories illustrate, Liberia and Haiti have great potential for progress. The program David Kpan, the Liberian farmer profiled in “The Sweet Taste of Cocoa,” is participating in is a good example of U.S. aid that meets the needs of local people.

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What is the Biblical Basis for Our Offering of Letters?

Reforming U.S. foreign aid policies and programs is our chance to join God in creating something new. Making these changes can touch millions of lives and transform poverty and despair into life and dignity.

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