2012: A Critical Year for Hungry People

Each year Bread for the World invites churches and groups across the country to write personal letters and emails to their members of Congress on issues that are important to hungry and poor people. These letters send a powerful message to our country’s political leaders and help us as a nation move closer to our goal of ending hunger. We are driven by our faith to make our voices heard in Congress and to make our nation’s laws more compassionate to people in need.

This year, Bread for the World members and advocates need to raise our voices more than ever.

Since the 2010 elections, members of Congress have been primarily focused on reducing the federal deficit in order to balance the budget. The deficit-reduction proposals Congress is considering could result in the most severe cuts to programs for hungry and poor people in Bread’s history.

Bread’s 2012 Offering of Letters is designed to respond to these challenges by making our advocacy as effective as possible. So that Bread members and activists can respond more quickly to what’s happening in Congress, we will run several campaigns simultaneously. Our overall campaign  focuses on protecting funding for programs for hungry and poor people.  Within this broader campaign to create a circle of protection are four mini-campaigns that address specific legislative topics before Congress:

  • domestic nutrition assistance
  • poverty-focused foreign assistance
  • tax credits for low-income families
  • international food aid

This website contains all the information you need for the overall campaign. Continue to visit this website and the Bread Blog for updates on the campaigns.

Depending on how the work of Congress unfolds in 2012, churches or groups may want to conduct the overall campaign and/or one or more of the mini-campaigns. For example, when Congress’ budget process is in full swing, a congregation’s Offering of Letters might focus on poverty-focused foreign assistance within the budget debate—especially if the congregation’s district or state is represented on the appropriations committees.

This is a journey God has called us to undertake. We have no doubt God is equipping us as we work to expand the circle of protection around programs that are vital to hungry and poor people in the United States and abroad.

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