Biblical Basis: Transforming Our Broken World

Read Exodus 14:13 and Matthew 15:30-31

God is present in our time and is up to some kind of transformation in our broken world. Like our spiritual predecessors, when we tune in we can see evidence of God’s hand shaping our world and surprising us in the midst of our uncertainty.

Scripture shows us a God who hears the cry of enslaved people and delivers them. Thousands of years ago God used Moses to appeal to the Egyptian government to release the enslaved Hebrew people. This began the long journey of the Israelites’ great exodus from Egypt. “Moses said to the people, ‘Do not be afraid, stand firm, and see the deliverance that the Lord will accomplish for you today ….’” (Exodus 14:13).

In Jesus Christ, God was made flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus was God at work in history, as sins were forgiven, sight restored, and sickness healed (Matthew 15:30-31).

As members of the body of Christ, we are a transformed people listening for God’s invitation to partner in creating life-giving changes. Where there are vulnerable people, God is concerned and we have a special responsibility to be stewards of our influence. Part of this stewardship is to know the truth and expose the untruths that keep us from partnering with God to transform our world.

Studies show that many Americans believe the U.S. government spends as much as a quarter of its federal budget on foreign assistance. Or that foreign assistance is wasteful and ineffective. The truth is that poverty-focused foreign assistance comprises just 0.6 percent of the federal budget. And these funds have the power to save lives. More than 900 million people around the world suffer from chronic hunger; U.S. poverty-focused foreign assistance feeds 46.5 million of the most vulnerable through emergency food aid.

Could this be God at work in our world, responding to the cries of people enslaved by poverty and hunger?

U.S. poverty-focused foreign assistance touches millions of lives and transforms poverty and despair into life and dignity. Increasing the effectiveness and delivery of foreign assistance can move people from suffering to dignity—mothers can live through childbirth, infants can survive the clutches of parasitic illness, boys and girls can learn to read, and parents can earn enough to feed their families.

God continues to be at work in our time. Are we willing to tune in and share our influence in life-changing transformation?

Bread for the World
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