A new film shares the story of three people affected by hunger.

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How is it possible that people in this country continue to go hungry, despite our abundance of food?

A Place at the Table, a new eye-opening documentary, answers that question through the lives of three people. Barbie, a young Philadelphia mother, fights to make ends meet and break the cycle of poverty. Rosie, an imaginative fifth-grader, tries to distract her mind from hunger pangs as she learns and grows in rural Colorado. And Tremonica, a sunny Mississippi second-grader, struggles with health problems caused by the poor nutritional value of the food that her mother can afford. Their stories reveal the depth of the hunger crisis in America and the factors that drive it.

The film also shows that we have made progress against hunger in the past—and that we can do it again.

VIDEO: Watch the trailer for A Place at the Table

We are pleased that the launch of A Place at the Table coincides with Bread for the World's 2013 Offering of Letters. Together, they magnify our focus on ending hunger through changes in public policy. Our association with Participant Media does not end when the film hits theaters across the country. We are also partners on the social action campaign accompanying the film.

Through A Place at the Table's social action campaign, Bread members have more avenues for action — at both the local and the national level. Bread for the World and Participant Media will regularly ask our advocates to take action throughout this joint campaign.

Bread for the World
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