Frequently Asked Questions About the Offering of Letters



What is an Offering of Letters?

Each year, Bread members write to their members of Congress, advocating for policies that help end hunger in the United States and around the world. Often, letter writing is organized in churches and taken up as an offering before sending them to Congress. But we encourage all people who care about hunger to write to their representatives and senators, whether in groups or individually.

How is this year's Offering of Letters different than in the past?

The 2013 Offering of Letters includes signing a petition to the president as well as writing letters to Congress. Now is the time for a bold, unified plan to end hunger in the United States and abroad. If you haven't done so already, take a moment now and sign the petition. You can also download copies of the petition and invite friends to sign it and mail it to us.

Is signing the petition enough?

No. Writing letters to Congress is particularly important this year as lawmakers continue to negotiate the federal budget. Letters (and calls and email messages) help give them the political will to protect programs that help hungry and poor people. Those programs are at great risk and any cuts will significantly harm the lives of thousands or millions of people.

What does the Bible say about hunger?

Throughout scripture, God's kingdom is portrayed with ample food and drink and a place for all people at the table. Read our biblical reflection about the biblical basis for our Offering of Letters.

How does the film A Place at the Table help our efforts to end hunger?

This year Bread for the World is an alliance partner for A Place at the Table, a feature-length documentary about the persistence of hunger in America. Showing around the country and available on-demand, the film gives advocates an excellent opportunity to raise awareness. Get more information about the film and supplementary material—including a discussion guide—here

How can I learn more about the issues?

You can find videos, stories, fact sheets, links, and more on our Learn the Issues page. Keep checking back. We will continue to add material throughout the year.

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