Learn the Issues: Reforming U.S. Food Aid

Catarina Pascual Jiménez prepares to feed Alexander. Photo: Joe Molieri/Bread for the World

The devastation wrought by major international disasters in recent years, such as 2013's typhoon in the Philippines, 2010's massive earthquake in Haiti, and the ongoing crisis in Syria, demonstrate how valuable U.S. food aid is in addressing humanitarian emergencies around the world.

Now there is an opportunity to reform the federal government's food-aid programs so that funds are used more effectively and efficiently.

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With smart improvements, our government can respond more quickly when disaster hits. We can provide food that is more nutritious, especially to women and children in the critical 1,000-day window between pregnancy and a child’s second birthday. We can better support small-scale farmers in other countries by buying food closer to where it is needed.

With these changes, and for the same level of funding, U.S. food aid can benefit millions more people each year.

Below you will find an overview of U.S. Food Aid, commonly-asked questions, and stories of individuals who benefit from food aid programs.

After learning more about what's at stake, take action by writing to your members of Congress and urging them to pass much-needed reform to our food aid efforts.

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