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October 2010: Census poverty numbers & Bread's take on immigration

On this month's podcast, we hold a Q&A with Bread policy analysts Amelia Kegan and Christine Melendez on the new U.S. Census poverty statistics. Then Monica Mills, our director of government relations, relates what's happening on the Hill during her Legislative Minute. Finally, our Breadcast Interview is with Andrew Wainer, Bread's immigration policy analyst, who tells us about Bread's new focus on the hunger and poverty that fuels unauthorized or illegal immigration.

Finally, don't miss hearing the song "The Last Word" by Father Mike Joly, pastor of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Yorktown, VA.

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September 2010: Exodus From Hunger

What if you could end world hunger? How would you go about helping the 1.4 billion people living in extreme poverty? You'll find answers to these questions and more in the new book Exodus From Hunger, by David Beckmann, Bread for the World's president.

This month, Beckmann talks to Breadcast about why he wrote the book and offers individual steps people can take to end hunger. "Advocacy--smart, thoughtful, prayerful advocacy by people who live in this country--can change Congress and move the world. The main thing I want people to do is help us change the politics of poverty," he says.

Plus, listen to the song "Give a Little," by Anna Gilbert.

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August 2010: A Look Back

Brian Duss, the man behind the machine here on Breadcast, looks back at his favorite episodes. Highlights include an interview on Zambia, “man on the street” interviews about foreign aid, and the music for this spring's podcasts.

Also, Monica Mills, Bread’s director of government relations, tells us about the importance of the August recess for talking to your member of Congress.

For videos of the music from Zehnder check out One Fluid Flow and Any Day.

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July 2010: Lobby Day and the World Food Prize

There's a lot going on at Bread for the World, and it's all here in Breadcast. To begin, a first-time hunger lobbyist, Virginia Ann Jordan, talks about her visit to her member of Congress during Bread for the World's annual Lobby Day. "One of the coolest things was that I was able to meet with my congressman and put my faith into action."

Then hear from David Beckmann, Bread's president, about winning the World Food Prize; listen to Rush Limbaugh tell kids to go dumpster diving if they're hungry; and learn about the new Hunger-Free Communities grant program. Plus, listen to music from the DC band the Cascade.

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June 2010: VITA Sites are Key

Esther, a Los Angeles mother, learned the hard way that paying a company to prepare her tax returns meant she lost hundreds of dollars in fees. "I had no idea how much money they were taking from me," she said.

But after receiving help with her taxes at a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site, she said she almost cried. "With the extra money I saved, I was able to pay bills, buy clothes for my kids, and I finally finished paying off my car."

Hear more of her story, plus our legislative update and music from Haitian Sanba Kocky.

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