Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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Act Now! Tell Congress to Stop the Sequester

March 2013

Urge your members of Congress to replace the sequester with a comprehensive, balanced, and bipartisan approach to deficit reduction. Any package that replaces sequestration must protect programs for hungry and poor people and include increased revenue.

The sequester is in effect and will impose a 5 percent across-the-board cut to federal programs—including the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program from Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and poverty-focused development assistance (PFDA)—for the remainder of fiscal year 2013. For more on sequestration basics and a list of anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs that are affected, download our fact sheet "The Consequences of Sequestration" or read this overview of a recent webinar conducted by Bread and our Interreligious Working Group on Domestic Human Needs (DHN) coalition partners.

The sequester does not have to stay in effect for the next nine years. Many members of Congress are hoping a grand bargain can emerge that replaces sequestration with a mix of revenues and some more responsible spending cuts. However, members of Congress will only develop the political will to enact such a grand bargain if they face enough public outcry to replace it. If Congress fails to replace sequestration with a more balanced deficit reduction package by the fall, it is very likely the sequestration cuts will remain.

Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 or use our toll free number: 1-800-826-3688.

A participant at the 2013 Hunger-Free Communities Summit reads Bread's action card, which asks anti-hunger advocates to petition the president and contact members of Congress to tell them to work together to end hunger. Photo by Amanda Lucidon for Bread for the World.

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