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Lenten Resources: Forty Days for 1,000 Days

February 2013

The Lenten period is an ideal time to make your faith real by taking action to eliminate the evils of hunger and malnutrition from our world. Bread for the World has worked in collaboration with Women of Faith for the 1,000 Days Movement to develop a series of Lenten activities around the theme of Maternal and Child Nutrition in the 1,000 day window between pregnancy and a child's second birthday.

You can find the following resources on the Bread for the World website: www.bread.org/lent.

Lenten Bible Study Guide: Over the six weeks of Lent, congregations and worshippers can use this Bible Study Guide, written by representatives from the denominations in Women of Faith for the 1,000 Days Movement to make connections between Christ's mission and the health of mothers and children around the world.

Worship Resources

Daily Lenten Activities


  • Pledge to be a Champion for Maternal and Child Health
  • Write an Elevator Speech
  • Communicate With Your Members of Congress
  • Hold a Lenten Retreat
  • Conduct Children's Activities

Photo caption: Sarmin Begum and her child Sun, 24 months, pose for photographs in Char Baria village, Barisal, Bangladesh, on Thursday, April 19, 2012.Photo by Laura Elizabeth Pohl/Bread for the World.

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