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June 2011

Experiencing Hunger: The Reality

Ritu Sharma, president of the nonprofit Women Thrive Worldwide, joined thousands of Bread supporters, 28 members of Congress, Bread President David Beckmann, Ambassador Tony Hall, Sojourners CEO Jim Wallis, and other advocacy leaders in fasting during late March and early April.

The fast drew attention to the need to support hungry people, not cut funding for programs that protect them.

Sharma, along with Beckmann, Hall, and several others, fasted for several weeks. Partway through this period, she shared some thoughts:

"I started fasting because when we talk about the world's hungry, we're talking about women. Of every 10 people going hungry today, six are women. They’re hungry not only because they're the majority of the poorest people in the world, with the least access to schools, farmland, and markets, but also because you can bet every mother out there will go to bed hungry before her child does.

"For the last three years, I have also tried to live on a dollar a day, for at least a couple of days, in a developing country. I try to experience what many women go through every day. I can tell you that it gets harder each time I do it, not easier.

"Today, I'm hungry not because I have to be, but because Congress is trying to make it even harder for poor women and men who don’t have that choice."

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Over the summer months, contributions to Bread for the World tend to slow down. But the next several weeks are a critical window when we can influence Congress to act to protect programs that are crucial to hungry and poor people. Your special gift today will help provide the resources needed for Bread to act now.

Visit www.bread.org/give to make a secure contribution online, or call 1-800-822-7323. Or for just $10 a month, you can join our Baker's Dozen monthly giving program and help end hunger every day. Visit www.bread.org/bakersdozen to learn more.

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