Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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Bread Blog: This Month’s Most-Read Posts

June 2014

This month, Bread Blog's most-read posts include an undocumented immigrant's story of being separated from her family, an update on food-aid reform, and an appeal to faith leaders to add their names to a letter telling senators that they should not consider taking food from hungry people in order to support shipping conglomerates.

Faith Leaders: We Need Your Voice!

The Christian voice is unique. It carries with it the power of faith, the conviction of morality, and it is grounded in compassion for humanity. Christians don't have special interests — they have God's interest for the world at heart. When special interests in Washington D.C., push for legislation that would take life-saving food from at least 2 million hungry people, just to turn a profit, your voice can stop it. Sign a letter to legislators and tell them to protect food aid.

Give Speaker Boehner Some Motherly Advice: Keep Families Together

I am one of the 12 million people who live in the United States without documentation. I’ve worked hard since coming here, but I still live in constant fear of being deported. My faith in God, my faith in Congress to do the right thing, and my faith in people to speak out lead me to believe we can pass comprehensive immigration reform now.

2 Million People Could Lose Lifesaving Food Aid

The House of Representatives recently voted to deny access to lifesaving food aid to 2 million people around the world. Why? Because a few very big, very powerful shipping conglomerates demanded preferential treatment at the expense of purchasing food intended to feed people struggling to survive.

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