A prayer for Afghanistan

Unsplash photo.

God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow,

We see images on the news of people trying to get out of Afghanistan, and we wonder. What do they face if they stay? How will everyone find safety? We lament this situation and we long for your peace and your presence.

But we know this is not the whole picture. There are many women hiding in their homes. There are families displaced, struggling to find shelter. There are malnourished children and parents trying to find food to feed them.

And so we turn to you, O God.

Be present with those whose names we do not know, whose stories we have not heard, and whose struggles are too deep to understand. Holding them in the light, we trust that they are not alone.

Move in our time,

Make your abundance known so that all who are hungry in Afghanistan might find food.

Provide safe passage for those who are fleeing. Might they be welcomed with open arms and security along their journeys.

Work through the leaders of nations, leaders of communities to make your vision of peace, justice, compassion, goodness, and wholeness come to fruition.  

Work through us, giving us the prayers to pray and the actions to take so that we might do what   is right and good in your eyes.

We pray in Jesus’ name.


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