‘Changing the world through purpose-driven projects’


The following is a conversation with Angeles Britez, a rising senior at Rutgers University who recently wrapped up a summer internship at Bread for the World. She is majoring in communications and minoring in digital communication, information, and media, and education. Angeles interned in the Communications Department – assisting in creating social media content for various projects.

What led you to intern at Bread for the World? What were you hoping to get from the experience?

I discovered Bread for the World through a class assignment that asked me to tweet about my dream job and an organization that represented it. My interest in the nonprofit sector directed my search to Bread for the World and there was an instant connection to its mission and resources. I knew I wanted to intern with Bread to gain a holistic view of a nonprofit, but also to participate in changing the world through purpose-driven projects. 

What was it about our mission that sparked your interest?

Bread is unique because it seamlessly integrates prayer, advocacy, and non-partisan policies in its mission to end hunger. While browsing the website and social media, the diverse campaigns, Offering of Letter events, and active collaboration with Congress piqued my interest in working first-hand with a nonprofit.

I grew up with my parents’ childhood stories in Paraguay. They walked to school barefoot, shared meals among their six and fifteen siblings, and were strangers to money. Still, Paraguay faces high levels of poverty and inequality and my drive to end hunger is largely motivated by my ambition to see my family and country supported by nonprofit efforts.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned during your internship?

Bread for the World proves the saying “change starts with you.” Everyone contributes their expertise towards the mission and demonstrates the strength in individuality. I’ve learned the power in kindness, understanding, listening, and creativity, among numerous qualities of the staff at Bread for the World. I couldn’t express my gratitude enough for every meeting I was included in, the opportunity to share my voice, and the patience everyone showed me when guiding me through Bread.

During my internship, I specialized in social media, an area I had an interest in prior to my commitment, and now have a greater appreciation for. I witnessed a fast-paced working environment when creating content for breaking news and learned so much about digital marketing and strategizing that I know will be beneficial in any future endeavor. Most importantly, Bread made me feel seen and I hope to find the same empowerment in every future endeavor.

What do you envision yourself doing after you graduate college? What is your hope for the future?

After college, I know I want to contribute to changing the world. Whether I find this opportunity in education, the nonprofit sector, or mission-oriented organizations, I would love to find purpose in my work. I also dream of traveling the world to immerse myself in new cultures and experience all that nature has to offer. I hope the future is healed, equal, and prosperous, and I will continue doing my part to ensure it.

All of us at Bread are so grateful for Angeles, and the many interns who give of their time! If you’d like to learn more about becoming an intern, go here for more information. 

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