Don't let hunger erase hope

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By Kelvin Beachum

Being in the NFL has never made me forget where I came from.

I grew up in a poor family in Mexia, Texas. My life could have turned out so differently if my family hadn’t gotten the support we needed. Thanks to food stamps and reduced-price lunches, I never missed a meal. But there are millions of kids across our country today who aren’t so lucky.

It’s for those kids that I’m asking you to be generous today. They need food, they need help, and they need hope in their world. They need your support more than ever.

Please donate now to Bread for the World to help protect the programs that keep kids from going hungry.

The programs that made it possible for my family to make ends meet are critical. But the truth of the matter is that they need to do much more.

This one fact really gets me: What happens in the summer to the millions of children who receive school lunches during the school year? Some do okay. But many — one in six — go hungry. That’s leaving far too many of our country’s children hungry — and behind. And when you’re hungry, it’s hard to play. It’s hard to learn. And it’s impossible to hope.

Knowing this — knowing what it’s like to be hungry — is what makes me speak up for children and their families on behalf of Bread for the World. I know that to end hunger once and for all, we need to make sure every family and every community has access to the same programs that helped my family make do when I was growing up. Will you join me? Please, make your year-end gift to Bread for the World today.

Hungry families need you today. When you join me in supporting Bread for the World, your donation will help advocate for proven solutions to hunger and poverty.

I know from personal experience that food has the power to transform. It helps a hungry kid focus in school. It saves babies on the brink of starvation. It can bring hope to families all over our beautiful, fruitful country that are caught in the despair of unrelenting poverty.

Every day God gives me grace and mercy. Let’s get out there together, sharing that grace and mercy that we’ve been blessed with. Join me and support Bread with your generous gift today.

Thank you for all you do to help hungry families thrive and succeed.

Kelvin Beachum is a Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker and Bread for the World advocate.

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