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By Rick Steves

This Christmas season, many of us have much to be thankful for. And, especially in this turbulent year, we are making a huge difference by empowering Bread for the World with our support. Together, you and I are advocates for people struggling with hunger and poverty. Together, we are getting closer to our realistic goal of ending extreme hunger in our world.

I’m also thankful for the 1,567 of you who responded to my matching challenge. Together, we’ve raised more than $215,050. Thank you for joining me in advocating for hungry people through your support of Bread.

But I still need your help. I’ve committed to match $250,000 in gifts to Bread for the World, and there is still more to give. Make a $100 donation to Bread for the World before Dec. 10, and receive your special holiday gift package before Christmas. Every penny you give will be doubled to support Bread’s timely and powerful mission to end hunger around the world.

When we travel with open eyes and an open heart, it’s impossible to ignore the faces of women and children working to make ends meet. Half of humanity is trying to live on just $2 a day. This heartbreaking reality is something I learned as a student traveler. And it remains part of my global perspective today.

Supporting the work of Bread for the World is the most effective way I know to help give struggling people reason to hope, and to help stabilize communities in the U.S. and around the world. Please consider sharing this challenge with your friends so we can make an even bigger impact.

There’s still time to join and give even more meaning to this Christmas season.

Rick Steves is the host of public television’s most-watched, longest-running travel series, “Rick Steves’ Europe,” and the author of more than 50 travel guidebooks.

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