Fact Sheet: Hunger and Poverty in the Latino Community

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Infographic: Key Latino Contributions to Ending Hunger and Poverty

This fact sheet looks at the prevalence of hunger and poverty in the United States among Latinos. This is one of the groups that Bread for the World recognizes as being especially vulnerable to hunger and poverty.

Latinos are culturally and racially diverse and vary in their legal status as U.S. residents. As a group, however, Latinos are more likely to live in poverty and lack regular, reliable access to food needed for good health than other people in the U.S. Latinos are also more likely to be paid sub-minimum wages and to endure sub-par working and living conditions to make ends meet.

Hunger and Poverty in the Latino Community provides statistics and examines the factors that contribute to hunger and poverty in this community:

  • Unemployment, low wages, and seasonal work
  • Less access to quality and affordable education
  • Limited pathways to citizenship, legal status, and work authorization
  • Higher healthcare costs
  • Higher levels of incarceration and deportation

1 in 6 Latino households have at least one person going hungry at some point during the year.

USDA Economic Research Service

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