Hispanic Heritage Month: Gatekeepers to ending childhood hunger

Edward James Olmos. Design by Leslie Carlson for Bread for the World.

By Jennifer Gonzalez

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Bread for the World will celebrate the resilience, creativity, and spirit of several Hispanic men and women over the next few weeks.

Edward James Olmos, an actor with Mexican roots, is known for his memorable roles such as police Capt. Martin Castillo in the television show Miami Vice and teacher Jaime Escalante in Stand and Deliver – a role that garnered him an Academy Award best actor nomination in 1988.

Olmos has long been a supporter of Hispanics. He co-founded the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, Latino Literacy Now, and Latino Public Broadcasting. He is also part of the End Hunger Network, which works to “encourage, stimulate and support action to end childhood hunger.”

If there was ever a time we needed strong advocates to stand up for an end to childhood hunger it is now. One in five children in our nation live at risk of hunger.

The bill that funds the current child nutrition programs expired September 30. Congress has yet to finalize a new bill. Congress needs to pass a strong child nutrition bill that connects more children with summer meals and protects programs like school lunch and SNAP (formerly food stamps) from budget cuts.

Please act on behalf of children and call 800/826-3688 or email Congress today. Congress has several competing priorities this fall. Tell your U.S. representative or U.S. senators that feeding children at risk of hunger must be on their agenda.

Jennifer Gonzalez is the associate online editor at Bread for the World.

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