Hunger in the News: Black lives, child hunger, and Syria

Hunger in the News

Many unaware of growing hunger problem in suburbs,” by Mike Snyder, Houston Chronicle. “Lunch starts early at the Salvation Army shelter here in the heart of booming Montgomery County. Promptly at 10:45 a.m., a volunteer opens the doors and people begin filing into the small dining room. They find seats at long, picnic-style tables where pitchers of lemonade and plastic cups sit ready. Hunger in the suburbs, it turns out, looks a lot like hunger in the city.”

Mass incarceration destroying black lives,” by Tony Klimek, Cincinnati News. “America’s “law and order” and “War on Drugs” policies have created a criminal justice system that disproportionately targets and impacts African-Americans. As a result, we are criminalizing a large group of African-Americans, condemning them to second-class citizens within their own country.”

Malnutrition will not end by 2030, warn campaigners,” by Kate Hodal, The Guardian. “Millions of children will continue to suffer far into the next century from physical and mental stunting as a result of undernutrition, Save the Children has found, despite world leaders pledging last year to eradicate all forms of malnutrition by 2030. The news comes amid the launch on Thursday of a global summit on food security – Nutrition for Growth (N4G) – in Rio de Janeiro, a day before the city prepares to open the Olympic Games.”

Prayer leads to action on local child hunger,” by Kate Snyder, Times Recorder. “When Jason and Anne Watson heard stories of children in their community who were going hungry, they prayed about it. Then they decided to do something about it. In February, they started AIM Outreach, a food pantry and kids’ program designed to both feed the families in Frazeysburg and give children something fun to do in the village. Since the program started, it has served about 100 people in 27 families.”

Spectre of hunger keeps Syrian refugee children out of school,” by Alex Whiting, Reuters. “With just 60 days to go before the start of the new school year, hundreds of thousands of Syrian parents are faced with the stark choice of whether to feed their children or send them to school, experts said on Wednesday. Nearly 1 million Syrian refugee children are out of school in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan which host the vast majority of the nearly 5 million refugees created by Syria’s civil war.”

Child hunger here to stay unless world ‘dramatically changes course’: charity,” by Alex Whiting, Reuters. “Major progress has been made in curbing the number of children going to bed hungry, but a deadly combination of discrimination and poverty means some groups are being left behind, an international children’s charity said on Thursday. In September last year the United Nations adopted global development goals to end hunger and poverty by 2030.”

Malnutrition costs Ghana economy $2, 6 billion annually,” by Dasmani Laary, Africa Report. “According to the UN’s Global Nutrition report titled: The cost of hunger in Africa: the social and economic impact of child under nutrition on Ghana’s long-term development, which was released on Tuesday, malnutrition in children has increased the country’s healthcare costs and put a burden on the country’s educational system. Human and economic costs of malnutrition gobbled 6.4 percent of the West African country’s gross domestic product (GDP), the report says.”

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