Hunger in the News: Global Goals, SCOTUS, Obama’s budget

Hunger in the News

Achieving new Global Goals will require increased investments in smallholder agriculture,” by Business Ghana. “Development leaders, heads of state and government representatives gathered for the opening of the 39th Session of the Governing Council of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to explore ways of boosting investments in smallholder agriculture that are essential to achieving the Global Goals of ending poverty and hunger.”

It’s time to end Antonin Scalia’s prison state: How the next SCOTUS justice could help end mass incarceration,” by Daniel Denvir, Salon. “It’s hard to believe that the United States’ vast prison archipelago, holding roughly 2.2 million human beings in cages, somehow squares with the constitutional prohibition on “cruel and unusual punishment.” To many eyes, it is both of those things: The system is fueled by statutes prescribing long sentences that are both extreme and by comparison odd for crimes both minor and major.”

Sanders criticizes Bill Clinton on welfare reform, saying it increased ‘extreme poverty,’” by John Wagner, The Washington Post. “Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said Thursday night that Bill Clinton had been a “pretty good president” but was misguided on several issues including Wall Street deregulation, trade and welfare reform.”

Mass Incarceration’s Toll on Women,” by Michele Goodwin, The Huffington Post. “On Tuesday, February 23, 2016, a congressional briefing will be held on Women, Girls, and Mass Incarceration. It’s about time. Sadly, to many politicians, mass incarceration is something that impacts primarily the lives of men and boys. Their speeches reflect this concern.”

Africa: Ending Hunger – 3 Things That Need to Happen After the Paris Agreement,” by AllAfrica. “The World Food Programme’s vision is to eradicate hunger by 2030, a bold aim in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

Obama’s budget addresses extreme poverty, but Congress must do more,” by Judith Rowland, The Hill. “Announced last week, President Obama’s 2017 budget request makes considerable strides toward addressing issues that impact global poverty. But while the budget shows strong support for life-saving vaccines and polio eradication, it misses the mark on funding for clean water, sanitation, and global education, which are essential to ending extreme poverty.”

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