Hunger in the News: Kids in poverty, from prison to freedom, and the SDGs

Hunger in the News

To reduce poverty, a plan experts across the political spectrum can agree upon,” by Lauren Feeney, “PBS NewHour.” “On a moral level, most Americans agree that we should help the poor, but how exactly we go about it has become one of the most divisive issues in politics — and that’s saying a lot these days. The divide between right and left has been increasing in the past three decades, causing political gridlock and, in 2013, the shutdown of the federal government.”

Easing the path from prison to freedom,” by Ned Barnett, The Charlotte News & Observer. “The three woman sat around the conference room table at different points on the compass, each trying to find her way home.”

Where Kids In Poverty And Education Intersect, Daily Uncertainties Remain,” by Jenny Brundin, Colorado Public Radio. “For more than a year, we’ve been reporting on children in Colorado who are growing up in poverty and what can be done about that. I looked at the way these kids experience the education system, and recently tried to find out how the kids I interviewed are doing now.”

A Climate Deal, 6 Fateful Years in the Making,” by Coral Davenport, The New York Times. “It took almost two weeks for negotiators from 195 countries to finally pass the landmark climate accord this weekend after several espresso-fueled all-nighters and long, passionate debates over the meaning of a single word, such as “shall.’”

America’s Horrifying Mass-Incarceration System, In 1 Chart,” by Nick Wing, The Huffington Post. “The nonprofit Prison Policy Initiative released a graphic on Tuesday showing just how many people are currently locked up in the U.S., as well as where they’re being held. The short version: It’s a lot.”

Public Health and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals,” by Linda P. Fried, The Huffington Post. “The United Nations General Assembly recently adopted its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: 17 goals and 169 targets to eradicate poverty, eliminate inequality, and fight climate change over the next 15 years. It’s an extraordinarily ambitious agenda for the world community, which closely aligns with the mission and responsibilities of public health.”



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