Hunger in the News: Pope Francis, summer meals, and former inmates

Hunger in the News

Poverty Is a Threat to Democracy That Only Economic Mobility Can Solve,” by Tavis Smiley, Big Think. “I believe that poverty is the defining issue of our time. I believe that poverty is threatening our very democracy and I mean that sincerely. It’s threatening our very democracy, the existence of it, the future of it.”

How to Help Former Inmates Thrive,” by Robert E. Rubin, The New York Times. “I recently gave a talk at the state prison in San Quentin, Calif. At the event, a former inmate said, ‘I don’t understand why over the 18-year period of my incarceration, over $900,000 was paid to keep me in prison. But when I was paroled, I was given $200 and told ‘good luck.’’”

How Mississippi plans to stop child hunger during the summer,” by Story Hinckley, The Christian Science Monitor. “Mississippi launched its summer meal program Thursday to help keep students fed, even after school is dismissed.”

Pope Francis set to visit UN agency to push fight against hunger,” by Ines San Martin, Crux. “Pope Francis is set to visit Rome’s World Food Program on June 13, the United Nations’ frontline agency that works to end world hunger.”

Ending poverty starts with school lunches,” by Rep. Barbara Lee (Opinion), East Bay Times. “All across the country, low-income children rely on their neighborhood schools for healthy and filling meals. In urban, suburban and rural communities, schools are on the front lines ensuring students get enough to eat.”

Hunger in Syria’s besieged town of Daraya,” by BBC World Service. “Hundreds of thousands of people are thought to be living under siege in Syria. The town of Daraya, near the capital Damascus, is one the most affected areas. This is how residents have been describing their daily life as they haven’t received any food assistance since 2012.”

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