Hunger in the News: Poverty, UN and African Americans, and criminal justice reform

Hunger in the News

Progress in the global war on poverty,” by Steven Radelet, Christian Science Monitor. “The headlines on any given day suggest a world under siege. War. Terrorism. Refugees. Disease. Recession. Famine. Climate change. But beneath these often very real problems, something remarkable has been happening, something on a more epochal level that has gone almost completely unnoticed.”

In southern Africa, an illusion built on aid heralds hope and hunger,” by Ed Stoddard and Mabvuto Banda, Reuters UK. “As she walks along a dirt road in central Malawi, Louise Abale carries her precious maize wrapped in a brightly colored cloth and balanced on her head.”

How Poverty Affects the Way We Eat,” Karen Lo, The Daily Meal. “People raised in poverty tend to eat even when they are not hungry as a result of being conditioned to store food “in ways that promote survival in harsh and unpredictable ecologies,” according to new research published in the Psychological Science journal.”

Alicia Keys Sends Video Valentine to Paul Ryan,” by Jessie Katz, Billboard. “Alicia Keys has taken her passion for criminal justice reform, wrapped it up in a bow, sealed it with a kiss and sent it off to Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan for Valentine’s Day.”

UN Experts ‘Extremely Concerned’ About the State of African Americans in the US,” by Breanna Edwards, The Root. “The findings by the United Nations’ Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent covered a broad range of topics, including police brutality, mass incarceration and the school system.”

Finding Common Political Ground on Poverty,” Eduardo Porter, New York Times. “If you have been paying any attention to America’s paralyzed politics, you are not going to believe this.”

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