Hunger in the News: Stunting and poverty, Pope Francis, and suburbs

Hunger in the News

Stunting and poverty ‘could hold back 250m children worldwide,’” by Sarah Boseley, The Guardian. “Nearly 250 million young children across the world – 43% of under-fives – are unlikely to fulfil their potential as adults because of stunting and extreme poverty, new figures show.”

New survey finds nearly half of college students go hungry,” by Pat Schneider, The Journal Times. “Nearly half of college students surveyed at 34 schools in 12 states reported that they had trouble getting enough to eat, according to a new study of hunger on campus.”

For many, the suburbs provide no escape from poverty,” by Ed Leefeldt, CBS News. “For America’s minorities — African Americans, Latinos and others — statistics show they’ve become much more integrated into communities in the last 50 years. Even surburbia, once the refuge of white flight but considered unreachable by many inner-city residents, is no longer an exclusively white domain.”

Pope, Anglican leader vow joint action on poverty and environment,” by Philip Pullella, Religion News Service. “The heads of the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches said on Wednesday (Oct. 5) they would work together to help the poor and protect the environment despite their unity being blocked by differences over women priests and gay marriage.”

Extreme Poverty Hits Children The Hardest: Report,” by Sarah Ruiz-Grossman, The Huffington Post. “The world is failing impoverished kids. Although the rate of extreme poverty is declining worldwide, children are disproportionately impacted, according to two new reports.”

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